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A Driveline Vibration Damper Is Different Than A Crankshaft Damper

Posted by Brian LeBarron on Sep 8, 2015


While they may appear similar in design, Vibratech TVD driveline vibration dampers are different than crankshaft dampers. 

Vibratech TVD Driveline Vibration Damper

  •          Tuned for optimum protection in a narrow frequency band.
  •          Lasts the life of the driveline.
  •          Suitable for harsh outdoor environments.  Learn benefits.
  •          Available from 5” O.D.


Vibratech TVD Crankshaft Damper

  •          Broad range protection across a wide frequency range and multiple orders.
  •          Requires scheduled replacement or refurbishing in heavy duty applications.


Both feature basic torsional viscous damper design that incorporates a free rotating inertia ring inside a sealed housing.  A tuned, narrow frequency band viscous driveline damper is achievable today through our ability to fine tune and hold precision machining tolerances in combination with a proprietary silicone damping medium selection.


Vibratech TVD recommends that OEMs do not use a viscous crankshaft damper, including those under the Fluidampr® brand name, in the research and development of drivelines and rotating shafts.  The crankshaft damper may not provide optimum results.  Download the article Driveline Vibration Damper Development to learn more and contact Vibratech TVD for consultation, (716) 592-1000.


Download Article - Driveline Vibration Damper Development

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