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Crankshaft Damper Development Case Study. Part 5 - Rapid Prototyping

Posted by Brian LeBarron on 6/1/15 3:00 PM

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Crankshaft Damper Development Case Study

Part 5 - Rapid Prototyping

Vibratech TVD introduced a 3D additive printed prototype step in the development process for dampers under 8”.  Complexities in actual viscous damper fitment and belt alignment within a tight engine bays can cost-effectively be resolved prior to manufacturing working test dampers.

Shown below, is the case study rapid prototype model used during development of the Fluidampr performance damper for the Subaru FA-20 / Toyota 4U-GSE engine.



For a complete review of the crankshaft damper development project, download the ebook below:


Crankshaft Damper Development.  Fluidampr Brand Performance Damper for the Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S.


* Disclaimer - Vibratech® TVD and / or Fluidampr® products have no connection or affiliation in any way with Subaru, Scion or Toyota and / or their affiliates.  References to any trademarked product(s), names(s) or OEM part is intended solely for reference to the usage for that Fluidampr part. 


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